Keep it Real!

Share Real Emotions on Virtual Tables

The chatbox and emoji was a way to express yourself on the tables – until now.

Getting on with the times, you can now express yourself using SnapCam.

Use Audiovisuals to represent what you really feel!

How to use SnapCam

Start recording by clicking on the SnapCam button on the right side of the panel to trigger the pop up.
Press send to share the clip with other players on the game table.

Additional Info

  • SnapCam is currently available on Windows PC’s and MAC OSX devices that have a camera.
  • Mobile support is coming soon.
  • SnapCam supports audio as well – just make sure you have your headset or mic plugged in.
  • If you wish to hide a specific player’s SnapCam videos, you can do so from the player’s profile page.
  • For Tournament and VIP Tables, you can hide all other player’s SnapCam Videos with the ‘Helmet Mode’ (mute function)
  • In case the software is having trouble detecting a supported device, you can select a supported device from the drop-down menu as shown below.